Sports Massage

Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy

It is well known that massage therapy can reduce anxiety, pain and tension and generally feels good. However massage can be more than just relaxing. For athletes massage therapy can be a key contributor to their training regime and considerably enhance their performance. More commonly known as “Sports Massage” massage for athletes utilizes deep muscle working techniques that eliminate toxins in muscle fiber as well as remove adhesions.

What is a Sports Massage?

Typically, a sports massage is an amalgamation of several massage techniques that are customized to your affected muscle groups based on the athletic activities that you perform. There are two types of sports massage that benefit athletes, depending on where you are in your training and competition season, and when you schedule your appointment.

If you have a race or competition coming up, you will want to receive a lighter massage. Light massage work will flush your system and help with recovery, relaxation and pain reduction. Deep massage work can change your muscle structure and muscle memory, which you’d want to avoid doing before any major event.

If you’re in between events and have specific problem areas, then during your session, you’d want to work on those specific areas with deep tissue work. Deep tissue work focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue, and is recommended for individuals who experience constant pain, are involved in heavy physical activity, such as athletes, and people who have sustained physical injury.

Why Should I Get a Sports Massage

Just as continual improvement is the reason why most athletes continue to train during their off-season, cross-train with other athletic activities, put in hours in the gym, and push to train through all kinds of conditions. Just as you can justify hammering up hills on the bike, or training in the pouring rain to enhance your performance, those are the same reasons to get a good sports massage. After a sports massage, your body will feel more flexible and powerful, the irritating aches and pains can be addressed, and you can help reduce the possibility of injury.

One of the best reasons to get a sports massage is to assist your muscles, tendons and joints to move through their full range of motion and stay in optimal shape. Just as you’re supposed to do a pre-workout warm-up, you want your muscles to be pliable and your joints to be warmed up before strenuous activity. Most injuries are brought into the picture by overusing muscles. Overuse can result in soreness, pain, and inflammation. Regularly scheduled sports massage can decrease the chances of overuse injuries in the first place, and can also help reduce any inflammation that could potentially lead to injury. Sports massage can also lessen the possibility of injury recurrence. Massage is the most effective modality for treating soft-tissues injuries such as strains, sprains and stress injuries. Sports massage works to promote proper healing to scar tissues, reduce pain from recovering injuries, and loosen tight muscle areas.

Sports massage also works to increase focus and decrease stress, which can help to put you in the best state of mind psychologically before your next event. A quick paced massage can also leave you feeling rejuvenated and invigorated, allowing you to train to the best of your ability throughout the year. To learn more about massage therapy, click the link below: